These are 5 tricks that

Do you find that you get bored while working out? I’m usually good for about 10 minutes, but when the workout starts getting tougher, I start to watch the clock tick and tick. I play games trying to make the time go by faster. I will try real hard to not look at the clock for 10 minutes. It never works.

But never fear,I have found a few tech tricks to help.

1. Audiobooks. My brother-in-law suggested I try listening to audiobooks during long workouts and that has been a life saver. This past Sunday I ran 8 miles and I listened to an audiobook the entire time. I got so engrossed in the book, I didn’t realize I’d ran a few miles.

Tech Tricks for working out

Safety Note: If you workout outside, I do recommend that you keep the sound down low or put the headphone in one ear so you can hear cars and other outside noises. Always be aware of your surroundings also.

2. Music. The beats of the music are great to keep your feet  the music are great to keep your feet moving. I have created playlists to coordinate with my different workouts. Softer music for yoga, really upbeat for running, etc.

3. Tracking Workouts. When you start tracking your workouts including minutes and calories burned, you will start to see a pattern. I hate looking at my tracking record and seeing weeks where I didn’t workout. I love being able to add another workout. I love being able to create graphs and charts of my workouts.
working out tech tricks
4. Online Fitness Communities. When you join an online fitness community, you will have plenty of support to keep you going. I know when I get “cheers” from my online community while I’m running, I’m motivated to keep going.

5. Pedometer. I never thought that using a pedometer would make me a more active person, but it does. My goal is 10,000 steps each day and Iwill do what I can to reach it. I hate not making my daily goal. Sometimes that means walking around my house for 1,000 steps at the end of the day just to make the 10,000 steps.

These are 5 tricks that I use to keep motivated during workouts. What tricks do you use?

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