3D TV On the Tech Horizon

Tech giants Panasonic and Sony plan to bring 3D viewing to the small screen by , Reuters.com reports.
Last week Panasonic unveiled a 50-inch high-definition 3D plasma television with glasses that make images appear as if you can reach out and touch them.
The technology tricks your brain with high-speed shutters working in sync with the glasses to form a double-layered image.
“When the TV is showing the left image, the shutter closes the right eye so people can see only the left image,” explained Keisuke Suetsugi, manager in charge of high quality AV development.
“And the next moment, when the TV is showing the right image, the shutter glass is covering the left.”
The company announced that it will team up with the creators of James Cameron’s upcoming 3D film “Avatar” – set to be released in theatres on December 18th. The agreement will no doubt commence a new wave of negotiations between Tech and production companies to improve and refine the way that people watch television and movies in their homes.
Japan’s CEATEC tech show, opened Oct 6-10, revealed the Panasonic and Sony models, along with models by major tech companies Sharp and Samsung. The exhibit ensures the inevitable presence of 3D television sets in homes over the next decade.
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