Prime Lens

Prime lenses have fixed focal lengths and normally have a wide maximum aperture. This fact enables a lot of light to enter the lens, also increases the increase of lensesÃability shutter speeds.
Hence, this makes the prime lenses ideal for portrait photography with its ability to blur backgrounds.
Portrait Photography Tips  Prime Lens Vs Zoom Lens
When it comes to portrait photography, you have to note that a fixed focal length that is good has the tendency to focus way faster as compared to a consumer zoom.
Despite that, wider maximum aperture gives you the ability to shoot in low light without the need to use a flash.
The prime lens I use will vary depending on the subject I am shooting as well as the type of shot I want. When it comes to outdoor portrait photography, I normally use the Canon 85mm f/1.2 prime lens.
This lens is a classic focal length for portraits. With the depth-of-field this lens can provide me, I have the ability to pay attention and focus onto my subjects eyes. This brings about a much more intense and direct contact with my model.

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