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Student Ella has been throwing me various questions about using her new Galaxy SII, which has inspired me to write the entry Technology: How to Use Your Galaxy SII? then she has inspired me once again to write this one after asking me how to change the brightness on the home page! Although she had already found out the answer to that, I have found many more tricks from
These tricks are really good and really does make using Galaxy SII even faster and cooler! I sure love my Galaxy SII now because it is so smart!!
But before we watch the video, let me first steal the limelight and give you two personal tips!When I get home, the first thing I do is to switch off the 3G and use Wi-Fi, but going into Settings is too much of pressing. Then I discovered a very quick way to switch on and off the 3G.
All you need to do is, same as the Flight mode, we hold the button on the right and the Phone options menu will pop up, and press Data network mode, it will then activate or deactivate your 3G, just press 2 buttons in total!! Amazing!


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