Photoshop iPad App Demo At Photoshop World Conference

image compliment the free Adobe Photoshop Express toll that is in the iOS App Store, Adobe started its Photoshop World Conference with a demo of a new Photoshop app.  The basic features of the free tool include camera, photo and picture sharing tools.  For an additional $3.99, a camera pack that includes a self-timer shutter, auto review and noise reduction technology derived from Lightroom 3.

The new iPad app that was demoed with feature multi-layer documents, animated in 3D to visualize how the layers stack up and support for syncing settings between the iPad and a desktop computer.  The app is still being developed all the way and as of today there wasn’t a release date mentioned.  With the addition of Adobe Photoshop to the iPad, it appears developers are taking the iPad seriously as a platform for developing apps.  This could mean big things in the tight competitive arena of mobile app marketplaces.

In addition to the iPad Photoshop Elements, Adobe adds a free sketchbook, which is the Adobe Content Viewer that allows users to show interactive digital publications they have created with InDesign and LifeCycle Mobile.  This also has an element of content management applications as well.

More apps from Adobe for the iPad just shows how other companies are taking advantage of the way Microsoft is slowly putting progressing towards the mobile versions of Office with the iWorks suite, Pages, Keynote and Numbers.  Apple’s apps currently hold four of the top ten spots in the iPad App Store.

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