Nokia Mobile Tricks

imageVarious tricks for Nokia N70

Here is a set of codes and tricks for Nokia N70.

Reset the phone: Enter the code: * # 7370 # with this code you can return the phone to its original state, erasing all the information (data, programs and settings) contained therein.

After the reset code, the phone will request the inclusion of the unlocked code, if that has not changed is generally “12345.” And ‘advisable to carry out the operation with the phone’s battery sufficiently charged, so you can avoid stop with unpredictable results.

In case the phone is not able to restart course (due to the presence of a virus or to incorrect settings), thereby preventing the use of the reset code * # 7370 #, it is possible to return the phone to the initial state by pressing time (and still hold) the [*] [3] [green button] and turn on the phone.
Nokia Mobile Tricks
View Bluetooth ID: Enter the code: * # 2820 # (* # # bt2)

Displays software version: Enter the code: * # 0000 # Show IMEI code: Type the code: * # 06 # The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a 15 digit number that uniquely identifies your phone and can be useful in case of theft, to obtain the block of the mobile phone stolen. The IMEI number is usually listed on their packaging and label on the phone underneath the battery.

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