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imageApple’s iPhone 3G S introduced something that the YouTube generation has been waiting impulsively for — the ability to shoot, edit, and publish video from the palms of our hands. With the introduction of Flip cameras we had the initial portability for HD capture, but lacked any editing abilities without a computer connection.

This new iPhone has an iMovie style clip editing software package on the touch screen for instant resizing and playback of captured video. Even better than onscreen editing is the iPhone’s ability to sync your shots back onto your home computer without that annoying USB connection. The blogging and client approval possibilities thus are endless when you can publish edited clips straight from set.

“Google said Thursday that in the first five days since the [iPhone] hit the market, its YouTube video sharing website saw a 400% increase in the number of video uploads coming from mobile handsets.” Watch Apple’s video tutorial, and check this page of graphic comparisons between the 3GS and the UltraHD for specs.

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