Top 10 Tips, Tricks, Shortcuts For iPhone And iPad

imageThere are many shortcuts and tricks available by Apple in the iPhone and iPad, but we rarely use those. Below are few such tips, tricks and shortcuts for your iPad and iPhone:

01. Scrolling thorough a long web page is tedious. For shortcut, just tap the top bar and immediately the screen goes to the top.
02. Double tap the controller in the middle and you are skipped to next song while you are listening music with your iPhone ear buds. To listen the previous song, just triple tap it. Well, a single tap means play or stop the music.

03. Deleting e-mails is also made easy on iPhone. Just swipe finger across any mail in the inbox and the e-mail gets deleted. For Gmail, you can also archive the mails in the same way provided you change the settings of the message first.

04. How to close programs that are running in the background? Simply double tap the home key and hold your finger on the app until it starts wiggling. Next, just tap the red minus icon and the program is closed.

05. Want to edit the dictionary of your iPhone? Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > International Keyboard > Add New Keyboard and then choose Japanese Ten Key. Next, go to main keyboard screen and select “Edit User Dictionary”. Tap “+”. You will find it on the top right-hand corner. Next, tap “Word”.

06. You can jump to main screen from any screen by just pressing the home button. Pressing it once again will take you to the Spotlight search, the universal search of iPhone.

07. Want to have longer battery life of your iPhone? Turn off the Bluetooth, 3G and also the push notifications. Go to Settings, then General and then to Network. One thing to note here is the 3G off may slow down the internet speed.

08. Tap the shift arrow twice and the caps lock is enabled automatically.

09. Want to block some content from your kids? Simply go to Settings > General > Restrictions and tap there the “Enable Restrictions”. Select passcode there and also differentiate between accessible and non-accessible apps for kids.

10. Need to take screen shot? Press together the power and home button. It is done, and the screen shot is saved in the Photos app of the iPhone.

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