Apples next iPhone may be thinner: Rumor

imageDo you want the next iPhone to go more thinner. If yes, your wish may be heard by Apple. According to think tank firm named KGI Securities, the next generation iPhone is going to be the thinnest in Apple’s history.

iphone2 Apples next iPhone may be thinner: Rumor

KGI Securities says the thinning of iPhone is attributed to new display design that Apple is experimenting. Here the touch sensors are embedded within the LCD and not having an extra layer.

The extra thinness just amounts to 0.44 mm only. iPhone 4S is 9.30 mm thin and the next iPhone may be around 8 mm.

This new technology may also reduce the cost of production of the next iPhone to some extent – 10-20%. Moreover, it requires less time in production. The current production duration is 12-16 days, and it is learned with the new technology the production duration may be just 3-5 days only.

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