3 Snow Photography Tips for Beginners


How to Get the Correct Exposure When Photographing Snow The brightness of a scene is measured by the camera’s exposure meters. The exposure settings are then set in accordance to the data collected from the camera’s exposure meters. Smith Innovation This system works best in situations where the scene isn’t too dark, or too bright. […]

Photography Can Be Fun With These Helpful Hints


You’re simply engaging in photography and want to understand a number of the greatest ideas and methods obtainable that will help you. It is necessary simply because you need to attempt to help to make the the majority of from just about all the pictures a person consider. Adhere to the assistance in this particular […]

Photoshop iPad App Demo At Photoshop World Conference


 compliment the free Adobe Photoshop Express toll that is in the iOS App Store, Adobe started its Photoshop World Conference with a demo of a new Photoshop app.  The basic features of the free tool include camera, photo and picture sharing tools.  For an additional $3.99, a camera pack that includes a self-timer shutter, auto […]

Prime Lens

Prime lenses have fixed focal lengths and normally have a wide maximum aperture. This fact enables a lot of light to enter the lens, also increases the increase of lensesÃability shutter speeds. Hence, this makes the prime lenses ideal for portrait photography with its ability to blur backgrounds. Portrait Photography Tips  Prime Lens Vs Zoom […]

Black and White Photography Tips

A strange request I know, to “see things in black and white”, but if you try this technique, you may end up with a lot more photos in your keeper file! Most people when they leave their house with their camera, only think in terms of colour photography. Have you ever been out and about […]

How to Take Great Portrait Photographs

A portrait photograph should communicate something interesting or attractive about the subject. There are certain portrait photography tips which can help you take great photos. It is important to be physically close to the subject. If the photo is taken from too far away, the subject might be too small to have any impact. If […]

The Meaning Of Photography

In my opinion, must return to the true meaning of the pictures …. Some of the literature that I can shoot a better understanding of painting with light. If your  is very different works because ultrasound only for a short Sono-graphy works by using ultrasonic waves generated by electromagnetic waves that crystal Ultrasonic waves are […]

Digital Photography Tips

Ever wondered how wedding photographers get that razor thin depth of field, nicely 375 Photography use what they call the 85 trick. Simply they demount an 85mm lens from the camera, and focus by moving the lens to or away from the camera body. Not straightforward to do but the final results are amazing: wedding […]

How to Photograph Your Family at Home

Grab your camera and get ready to shoot! After baby’s born, many mamas fashion themselves into the family photographer, but how much do you really know about capturing the perfect shot? With DSLR cameras on the top of many moms’ wish lists, I turned to an expert to get a crash course in recording a […]

Photography on A Budget

When I started looking for wedding photography courses, I thought Wedding Photography Blueprint was just like all the others. Like others, they’ve got a great sales pitch but I wasn’t looking for someone who could write a good sales pitch. I needed someone to guide me into becoming a wedding photographer … and fast! I’m […]

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