E-readers for senior citizens and college students


Everything these days is technology-driven. Everything is impacted by technology. The eReader is no different. E-readers just replicate a real book or newspaper.One of the major advantages of the eReader is its cost. The cheap book cost is truly advantageous. Moreover, the reader can have a number of books at his disposal anywhere he goes. […]

Trophies and Medals.com


Today, many businesses use remote computer technology to either monitor their employees or sharing files and other important information. Remote computer technology is also used to keep tab on employees’ performance. But, before we discuss the benefits of using remote computer technology, let’s first understand this concept. When you access a computer from a distant […]

Next-generation iPhone to utilize new display technology


Technology is at the heart of modern life and brings prosperity, better living standards and health to those who foster it. It saves lives, sends man into outer space, protects mankind from nature’s fiery and serves humanity in innumerable ways. We recognize its role and have set out to facilitate R & D and seamless […]

How to Stay Informed On New Technology


The rapid progress in technology and adding to the technology resources is proving tougher each day to keep track. At times, it often happens that just when you have done all the research on a new gadget the inventors come up with something new. Then the question arise how to keep yourself updated. To solve […]

Low Delay Multi-Path Protocol (LDMP) 2.0 Technology


Exclusive to Streambox, the new Low Delay Multi-Path Protocol (LDMP) 2.0 technology is a reliable protocol that automatically monitors all available IP networks and uses connections dynamically within a predefined latency and bandwidth window. LDMP is a reliable protocol, which means there is two-way communication between the encoder and the decoder. Once the decoder receives […]

Technology: Tricks and Tips for Galaxy

Student Ella has been throwing me various questions about using her new Galaxy SII, which has inspired me to write the entry Technology: How to Use Your Galaxy SII? then she has inspired me once again to write this one after asking me how to change the brightness on the home page! Although she had […]

3D TV On the Tech Horizon

Tech giants Panasonic and Sony plan to bring 3D viewing to the small screen by , Reuters.com reports. Last week Panasonic unveiled a 50-inch high-definition 3D plasma television with glasses that make images appear as if you can reach out and touch them. The technology tricks your brain with high-speed shutters working in sync with […]

CORAID: Some ‘SAN’ New Technology

When you think SAN you might think expensive hardware solutions to expensive storage problems. But CORAID has a few technological tricks up their sleeve. They claim to leverage existing technology, and turn it into a storage solutions for pennies on the dollar. And they’re doing it all through the channel. Storage VARs might want to […]

Technology Tricks Using Live Action

This guy gets the award for being the best math teacher ever. If all teachers were like this, kids wouldn’t want to cut class, and they would actually look forward to going to school. Matthew Weathers, a math teacher at Biola University in Southern California, came up with a great way to teach his students […]

Top 5 Technology 2012

    Windows 8 :- Windows 8 expected to release in 2012, (Microsoft has yet to announce release date) approximately three years after Windows 7 launched.. Windows 8 promises to be very exciting. For starters, it sports the, now very popular, grid-based metro user interface that is also available on hte Xbox 360 gaming console and […]

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